Maintaining and Cleaning your Hair Extensions
Before washing with shampoo, gently remove any tangles with your fingers or pick comb.
Do not brush! Start from the ends and work your way up. Wash the hair once or twice a month depending on use,
with sulfate free shampoo and a generous amount of conditioner in warm or cold water. Gently wash hair in one direction from top to bottom.

Rinse hair thoroughly with clean water. Dab gently with a towel to remove excess water.

It is important to brush the hair before and after each use. Start from the bottom and work your way up. To prevent hair from drying, dilute conditioner with water. Generally 90% water, to 10% conditioner.

Spray the mix on hair as a detangling agent when needed. It is not recommended to color, perm, or tint the hair since it has already been processed. If you choose to do any of these, it must be done professionally.

Styling your hair: Straight look:
Use heat protectant product And flat iron on low-heat.
Curly look: for longer lasting curls use hot rollers



Q What is special fiber heat resistant?

A - special fiber heat resistant its pretty close to real hair but its not human. its actually closer to human hair than ever before. its feel and look like real human hair.  it will allowed you to curl, straighten, wash, brush and blow- dryer. We recommend to use 180 degrees Celsius (350 Fahrenheit) if you want to style it.special fiber heat resistant also comes in curly/ wavy shape and its also cheaper than human hair.if its something that you planing to wear just for fun here and there, the special fiber will be perfect for you.

Q What is Remy hair?
  .A - human remy hair its actually the best hair quality in the market. its the way it was cut and how it was collected.all hair is kept aligned in the same direction which is very important! that mean that is tangle-free. remy hair mean that is not mixed in the process like any other human hair and has been collected from the same donors. its refers to human hair that retains the cuticle layer so it will always stay soft silky and shiny. there is a lot of human hair in the market but it dosnt mean they are good quality.
Q Will my extension stay on without clips or anything attached?
  A - yes. ones its adjusted to your size(Please refer to our Instructional Video) it will be very secure. you can feel free to do all your regular movements. the weight of your hair lying on top of the extension and the weight of the extension together will keep it secure and in place.
Q What if my invisible wire break?
  A - The invisible wire is extremely strong and very resistant that can support around 100 pounds of weigh. since your euphoric hair extensions are 100-110 grams it will not break by wearing it or pulling it. in case it break accidently you can always replace it(please refer to our instructional video) or come to our retail store and we will replace it for you.
Q Can I color my hair?
  A - since we have two different type of hair so it depend which one. the human hair you can dye and we recommend to get it done professionally at the salon. and for the best resoult you should dye from light color to dark color.
Q Can I wear euphoric hair extensions if I already have extension?
  A - yes. euphoric hair extensions its 100-110 grams of hair so you can wear it above other extension. you can actually wear two euphoric hair extensions at the same time. the idea about euphoric hair extensions is that with one extension you will get all the volume and length you need to rich body and style instantly so you don't need other extension but you can always do it if you decided.